Oahu 415K 1961

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From the early 60s when Valco and Supro style amps were some of the secret weapons of tones, this '61 Oahu combo is an incredible example of what vintage tube tone is like. Sharing a circuit with the Supro 1624 T, this piece has been given the royal treatment. It's had fresh new tubes installed, a 3-prong cable, a recent cap job, Pyle Driver speaker and it freakin' rips. There's no other way to describe this amp except "classic." It has some headroom on tap up to about 11:00 and then it gets into the sweetest breakup you can imagine. This is the sound.

This amp shows signs of use and love but still very nice for its age. And it has no weird hum or noise or pops or hiss....just tone. All the tone. We ship out securely and swiftly, so grab this boy for your rig!