P3 Line Tamer

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The Line Tamer is a device which lowers the voltage supplying your amplifier, keeping your tube circuit functioning at optimum powe. All of the components including the tubes in your amp will last longer, work more efficiently and sound better with the Line Tamer. The Line Tamer is designed to be used with any boutique or vintage hand wired tube amplifier. The tube amplifier circuits we all know and love function best when properly biased and powered by between 110-115 volts. If you want a vintage 50’s and 60’s sound then you should be using a 50’s and 60’s voltage. Modern power grids can generate voltages in the 120-130 volt range which can result in significant damage to the tube circuit and poor tonal response. There are two settings on the device a “Minus 6 volt” and a “Minus 12 volt” position.

The illuminated LCD screen displays the actual voltage that is being delivered to your amplifier. Select a setting to achieve a voltage of between 110 and 115 volts and you are ready to power on your amp. The Line Tamer replaces cumbersome, heavy variacs and offers a convenient panel display to monitor the voltage powering your amp.

This great tool is lightly used and works great! It'll ship the next day.