Peavey Butcher 412MS Slant Cabinet 1981

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The workhorse of the music industry for decades. These old Peavey amps are built to last, and this powerhouse has been cranking since it left the factory in 1981 and still going strong. Loaded with four stock Sheffield 1290 speakers wired up for 16ohms, this cabinet can take any amount of wattage you could throw at it and then some.

This cab has seen plenty of action, as can be seen by a few tears in the tolex and the Peavey logo which was apparently painted black at some point, but let's be honest: no one buys old Peavey gear for the cosmetic appeal. They buy it because they wanna get loud. And this guy will do just that. Come pick this monster up and start pissing off your neighbors. 

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about this cab!