Peavey Classic 400 Series Bass Head

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This Peavey Classic 400 is reminiscent of a BOOGIE style amp. LOUD and PROUD! 


400 watts of pure power. Tons of clean headroom on the CLEAN channel and sonic tonal assault on the CRUNCH channel. This head also features a DDT Defeat compression button to further craft your tone and control your peaks. 


The Classic 400 features: 

- 400 Watts all tube at 4 and 8 Ohms
- 8 peavy proprietary tubes to allow the 400 watts
- clean channel
- crunch channel
- channels can be combined
- -10db switch
- DDT compression with in/out switch
- master resonance and presence controls
- FX loop send and return
- preamp output and power amp input
- XLR direct out
- two 1/4” speaker output jacks