Peavey MX 1x12 Combo w/ Road Case

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Now THIS amp...THIS amp right here is a loud mamajama.

Peavey started getting a little wild in this later era and were building these tiny amps with way more firepower than needed. These amps are capable of playing outdoor festivals. This little guy can get freaking LOUD. A quad of 6L6s, stiff sounding solid state preamp, and "Black Widow Equipped" boy does she let you know about it.

130watts at it's High Power setting, and 65 and it's low power setting. Sporting a powerful EQ section with push pull pots, and a reverb. This baby is primed for the gigging. But can we take a minute to appreciate how clean it is? This has been used, but I'd consider this museum quality considering it's age. 

It comes with the footswitch, a road case, the original Peavey Owners Manual packet. 

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.