Pedaltrain Nano+ w/ Pedaltrain Spark Power Supply

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Need a flight board that's already supplied with power? Kill two birds with one stone and grab this lightly used Pedaltrain Nano+ with the Pedaltrain Spark power supply secured mounted to the bottom. Nano+ is a great size for a simpler board of 4-5 pedals or 2-3 larger pedals, if that's what you're judgements here either way. 

Specs for the power supply:

  • Isolated power from five outputs
  • Two 500mA outputs for your power-hungry pedals
  • Three 100mA outputs
  • Switching power supply for worldwide use
  • Unique mounting system that requires no drilling into your board

This board/power supply combo is lightly used and ships safely and swiftly in the soft case! Feel free to call us with any questions you have about this product.