Prescription Electronics Yardbox

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This four-knob stomper takes its cues from Sola Sound’s Tone Bender, the famed fuzzbox employed by former Yardbirds Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.

Rolling off the volume knob will get you a thin, nasal-sounding fuzz/OD sound while maxing it out produces saturated germanium fuzz with plenty of sustain, according to the brand.

Other controls on the pedal include tone – adjusts both high- and low-ends – fuzz, and gain. The latter governs the pedal’s output level and specifically shapes your tone’s intensity and attack – features that should come in handy when matching The Yardbox “up to today’s larger, louder amps”, says Prescription Electronics.

This unit is lightly used with a couple of cosmetic dings. Plays and sounds great and will ship next day!