Mojotone Princeton Clone Amp Head (7591 Tubes)

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This unique take on the classic BF Princeton gives you that classic American tone with some more balls behind it. 7591 tube sit somewhere between 6V6s and 6L6 so you're going to get a bunch more output: somewhere in the neighborhood of 20W as opposed to the typical 12. But still in a light portable amps. Now that's tight. And of course it wouldn't be a BF without that sweet spring reverb and pulsing tremolo.

This is a clean, point-to-point build loaded up with top notch components. It uses a complement of Electro-Harmonix tubes with a JJ rectifer. Heyboer Transformers make up the iron (output and power transformers) in this guy. A choke and reverb tank from Marvel Electronics round out the makeup of this cool amp build.


The badass techs here at EMS have gone through this guy and given it a clean bill of health and confirmed that the entire build, from start to finish, was done correctly and cleanly. This is a unique chance to get the classic Princeton tone with more volume, more output, and more beef! This thing sounds absolutely classic. Grab it for your new rig and we'll ship out lightning fast.