PRS SE30 Combo

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The PRS SE 30 is a 30 watt beast of a combo: perfect for stage or in home use. It has lead and clean master volume controls, as well as global reverb. It has independent volume, treble, mid and bass controls with a bright switch for each channel. It also comes with an effects loop with line or pedal level selector switch. T

As with most PRS amps, it can absolutely rip!  The responsive and dynamic clean channel can dial in pristine cleans to moderate crunch all with lots of chime and clarity. The lead channel of the 1x12-inch SE30 combo amp offers the same level of clarity with harmonic richness and a lively, organic, responsive tone. It pumps all this first class tone through a Celestion Vintage 30. 

This amp is very lightly used and includes a  slip cover and footswitch for channel switching and reverb control. It will ship out lightning fast!