Quidley 22 Amp Head

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Designed and built by low wattage amp guru Ed Quidley, this 22 watt head was made to deliver the stunning beauty that is the singing tone of a cranked low wattage amp. 

Rather than provide multiple channels for gain changes, there are two switchable gain stages (Normal and High Gain), which are selectable from the front panel or the included footswitch. Combined with separate high- and low-gain input jacks, these give the player a total of four available tones to start with. The tone stack comprises four controls: Treble, Middle, Bass and Brilliance. The first three are active controls (cut or boost) and the Brilliance gives passive control over the upper harmonics. The Quidley’s rear panel sports an effects loop, and impedance selector switch and a Pentode/Triode switch (HI or LOW), so the amp can operate at 22 watts or approximately 8 watts. The rear panel also provides a Mode switch (Open or Closed), which is essentially a negative feedback loop switch—a really handy feature. In the “Open” position, the amplifier takes on a less compressed nature, good for producing the lower gain tones made famous by Vox and Matchless. When switched to the “Closed” (negative feedback loop) position, the Quidley becomes more aggressive, tight and compressed, geared more towards wide-open, high-gain tones familiar to Marshall fans.

This handwired tone machine has it all. And it's light weight (26 lbs)! It shows very light signs of love and use (see pics). It is lightly used and ready for any stage or studio setting. We ship safely, securely, and lightning fast!