Red Iron Amps Pedal Push-R Tube Boost and Buffer

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The Pedal Push-R uses a sub-miniature tube with a full voltage power supply. It’s got a footswitch on the front to engage the effect, and on the left side it’s got a pot for increasing the volume, and a switch for engaging the ground lift, which can be very helpful with those pesky noise gremlins. On the other side it’s got a voicing switch, labeled "F, M" standing for Fender & Marshall. These are not clones of the tonestacks, rather they sort of mimic the response of these amps. The Fender mode is brighter with a slight high-end gain boost, while the Marshall has more pronounced mids. Being a full-powered design, it is powered by a standard IEC cord, which plugs directly into a wall socket or power strip.

This pedal shows signs of light used and works perfectly. Grab it for your board and we'll ship the next day.