Red River Amplification - Stromberg-Carllson PA Head

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This is a sweet conversion of a classic PA unit into a tone machine of a guitar amp! Loaded up with Dual 6L6s & 12AX7s, it comes in at 30ish watts of two of the most classic amp sounds that we are all craving. Two (count 'em, two) channels - one is Fenderish, one Marshallish. Channel 2 (Marshall) has a switchable bypass cathode cap (higher gain switch). The amp is switchable 4, 8, or 16 ohm output so you have no'll fit the cab ya have! It's built using OG 60's Transformers & Tone stack. Fully restored & modded by Red River Amplification. And it's even in our favorite color scheme. 

This beautiful beast is ready for your rig and ready to change your life. It ships out, securely packed and lightning fast.