RedShift Effects Mirage Delay

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This is the amazing Redshift Effects Mirage Delay!

A creative twist on a classic effect, with plenty of delay time and endless tweakability. Our high-quality digital hardware platform allows you to experiment like never before. Create sounds ranging from subtle echos, to mind-bending reversed multi-delays.


Multi-delay mode with reverse or octave up repeats and customizeable patterns

Modulation mode with 4 modulation types:





Swell mode for footswitch controlled oscillation/chaos

Expression/CV - control mix or any of the top three knobs

External Switch/CV - control any button

Incredible control with advanced features like an onboard USB port that connects to a computer editor program to create your own custom delays and patch settings! Transferring data is super easy and quick!


This hard-to-find pedal is lightly used and ships the next day with the original box.