Roland SP-404 Sampler

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Picking up where Roland’s popular SP-303 sampler left off, the new SP-404 is built on a foundation of more: more features, more voices, more pads, and more memory. The SP-404’s sleek, silver look is new to the SP family, and it surpasses its predecessor by offering battery-power compatibility, a CompactFlash slot, and a built-in microphone for quick, stress-free sampling sessions. Just turn it on, aim, and record — no cables and mics to connect. Then get down to the business of making beats and patterns, and add extra color with the great effects built into this little powerhouse.

This sampler shows signs of love and use, but still functions perfectly! We'll ship it to you safely and swiftly along with its power supply. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about this product.