Roland V-Mixing Console and Processors with Roland VM-C7200, VM-7200's, VE-7000, MB-24

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This is it! The full meal deal. Your full studio or live rig, ready and waiting. This is the Roland V-Mixing console with everything you need. The VM-7000-Series V-Mixing System is designed as a modular system with separate console and processor(s), connected via a VM-Link cable. This eliminates the need for potentially noisy snakes, as the processors can be placed near the audio sources.You also get the benefit of massive routing flexibility and extensive onboard effects options.

At its foundation is the VM-C7200 digital mixing console that has 25 motorized faders,; 2 analog and digital outputs, 2 analog inputs (including Talkback mic), switches for 3 speaker sets, 100 scenes...*inhale*... 24 fader groups, 24 mute groups, realtime Analyzer, Surround Mixing, Full Realtime and Snapshot Automation...this is thing is pro level. And it's all enclosed in this mighty handsome rack with a padded wrist rest and wooden sides.

With the included VE-7000 module you gain a knob-based channel strip for quick and intuitive editing of channel and effects parameters including EQ, dynamics and bus sends. The compact VE-7000 even provides a joystick for controlling surround panning. Above the VE-7000, along the back of the console is the MB-24 level meter bridge that provides you with super-accurate, 10-segment LED metering for up to 94 channels (24 simultaneously), plus a monitor readout, main readout, track status indicators, and an LED which displays timecode and bar/beat information.

Rounding out this pro rig are two (count 'em two) VM-7200 48 Channel V-Mixing Processors. These are rackmountable 24-bit/48-input processors and I/O units for the V-Mixing System. In addition to tons of input/output options you get 16 internal buses, 2 stereo effects processors, expandable to 8 stereo effect all by connecting via the VM-LINK cable to the VM-C7200 console. 

This full rig comes with all of this and the cables you need to make it all happen and the owner's manual to get you there. It is lightly used and works great. Grab it and get it done!