Rude Tech Chorus

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All Analog Design

  • Vintage analog chorus tone (featuring the now rare MN3007 chip)
  • Electromagnetic shielding for modern clarity
  • Designed around 80’s and early 90’s chorus tones
    • from goth or new wave, to thrash and grunge (Nirvana and Suicidal Tendencies on the same pedal board with The Cure…YES, PLEASE!)
    • turn up the Speed knob to hear that familiar JC-120 inspired vibrato

Built for Life

  • Backed up by the Rude Tech lifetime guarantee
  • Bulletproof components, including:
    • Alpha potentiometers
    • metal-film resistors for tighter tolerances
    • TDK polyfilm capacitors
    • Panasonic filter capacitors
    • Gold-colored Nicholson electrolytic capacitors
    • gold-plated solder connections (bling bling!)
    • oscilloscope-biased to within 1 milli-volt

Bass AND Guitar

      • Enough headroom for bass
      • Classic guitar chime

Expression Footswitch

  • Max out either Depth, Speed, or both at once
  • Great for use on bass to add a vibrato string that you could usually only do with lighter strings