Sabbadius Electric Church

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The Sabbadius Electric Church is an all analog, true bypass fuzz pedal with BC183 silicon transistors. It is inspired by one of the most influential fuzz pedal users in history, Jimi Hendrix! Everyone knows that Jimi Hendrix used fuzz pedals with Germanium and Silicon transistors, and he preferred the Silicon version because they are more stable than Germanium transistors, in different weather situations.

The transistors used back in the time of Jimi Hendrix were the BC108, but these days, this type of transistor is not the same one that was used in the late 1960s. That's why Nico Sabbadius decided to go for another silicon transistor called the BC183, that has extraordinary specifications to make a really excellent fuzz. Plus, it allows you to sound even better than with germanium transistors.

This fuzz-o-riffic pedal is super clean, functions perfectly and ships the next day with the original box.