Sabbadius Triple Trouble Drive/Fuzz

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Capturing the Texas blues vibes of SRV and the classic blues rock of Hendrix. 

The Triple Trouble pedal was named in tribute to SRV, and consists of 2 Sabbadius pedals, plus a 3rd fuzz pedal. All in one enclosure! It brings together the Sabbadius 80 Overdrive Tone, Sabbadius Mr. White Special II and a Texas Square Face Fuzz type pedal by Cesar Diaz, a great sounding 60s and 70s type fuzz pedal.

The fuzz pedal in Triple Trouble is made of silicon transistors, modified and inspired by the Cesar Diaz Square Face Fuzz. It cleans-up well when rolling back your guitar's volume knob, and it has an extra knob called Wah Wah Trick, which allows you to use a wah pedal in front of the fuzz, like Jimi did. If you are not using a wah, you can use this knob to attenuate the fuzz and convert it into a really nice, glassy overdrive. The fuzz potentiometer is a custom made pot for Sabbadius, to get all the fuzz stage parameters. The Volume pot gives you more output, and increases the highs, so your fuzz will kick in with more volume, than common fuzz pedals.

This pedal is a tone machine times three. It's lightly used and ships the next day with the original box.