Sabine FBX 1020 Plus Mono Feedback Exterminator

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Sabine's single-channel feedback eliminator! A helpful rack unit to prevent feedback, with 20-bit digital conversion and 12 patented FBX filters. Sabine’s robust feedback control algorithm identifies feedback and places super-narrow filters precisely on the ringing tone. Each filter is custom-made at the moment of feedback, and is placed just deep enough to remove the ringing tone, in 3 dB steps.

The power of FBX automatic feedback control lies in its ability to distinguish feedback from program material. If feedback occurs in that crucial moment of the show, or just when the worship leader begins the sermon, or in the middle of the big solo, the FBX can place a filter in less than a second – thus saving the performance. And FBX filters do not disturb your program material, because their ultranarrow width remains constant no matter how deep they go. Only the feedback is eliminated, not the power and sound you work so hard to achieve. 

This unit shows some signs of use, but functions as it should and ships safely and swiftly!