Science Amps Street Sweeper 100w

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We've got a very lightly used Science Amp that sounds fucking awesome. 

The Street Sweeper was created to serve as the most malleable platform for any sonic purpose. 100 watts of immaculate headroom intended to land you flawless pedal clarity at any needed volume OR roll the loudness knob over and get attenuator like gain performance. No pedals required. As if a handwired (and may we say beautiful looking?) 100 watt head and cab wasn't enough, the street sweeper is special for its DUAL mode spring reverb. This means YES one can be set to that always on subtle drip and the other can cascade you into a  ludicrous fever dream of waterfally-reverberation. The cab is extremely well built and actually not very heavy, both pieces will be totally manageable on your own loading into the gig or studio. An amp built by someone who gives a damn that deserves to be played by someone that gives a damn!

This. Amp. Rips.

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