Seymour Duncan Vise Grip Compressor

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The Vise Grip compressor is an all-analog soft-knee compressor pedal with more than a few tricks up its sleeve. It’s designed to give you studio-grade sound and it’s carefully engineered to give you an extremely fine level of control in an intuitive way without requiring lots of set-up time.

There are four knobs (Blend, Attack, Sustain and Volume) plus a Mid/Full/High switch. Let’s start at Volume: you can use it to match your ‘effect-on’ sound with the level of your bypassed sound, of course, but you can also use it for a boost, so you can put some extra oomph into your amp while tightening up the attack, or simply to boost clean your signal a little louder for solos and fills. The Sustain knob sets how long your notes will ring out for, the Attack control governs how quickly the compressor reacts to your initial note attack (from 2.0ms to 50ms), and the Blend control lets you balance the ratio of compressed and uncompressed tone. This is a great way to add dynamics and transparency to your sound even when heavily compressed. It lets you take away the dullness that most compressors add to the tone, and it’s something you won’t find in most pedal compressors. The Mid/Full/High switch lets you select specific uncompressed frequency bands to dial back into the compressed signal.

This powerful comp is lightly used and works great. It ships the next day with the original box. 

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