Shaw Tone Rod MG

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Take the coveted tone of small vintage amps like the Champ and Skylark, and add Kevin Shaw's meticulous handwired quality and a few extra upgrades and you get a low watt amp for the ages! 

Its compliment of a 12AX7 preamp and two (yes two) paralleled EL84 power tubes takes this amp to a new level for single ended amps. The ToneRod features a single input, Tight switch, Volume, Tone control, and Master volume mated with a beefy power transformer, solid state rectifier, and an oversized output transformer. Dial in your distortion with the Master and Volume controls. Mate this amp with a good speaker cab, crank it up, and experience sweet Class A tone with tighter bottom end and creamy smooth distortion when pushed.

And this is no ordinary Tone Rod. This one has been given a custom wrap of red and cream tolex for an MG like no other. 

The pro techs here at EMS have given this little powerhouse a clean bill of health and he's ready for stage or studio. Get some low volume tones, or crank it all the way up: Tone Rod don't care. Grab this for your next rig and we'll ship out lightning fast.