Shin-Ei Vibe 2 Woodstock White

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Shin-Ei, the company that invented the Uni-Vibe and made FX history, was relaunched in 2016. Alas, this second coming was short lived as Shin-Ei closed up shop in 2021. No more pedals are being made and the new units that are left in warehouses and dealer stock rooms is it. The fat lady has officially sung. 

The Vibe-2 is a 1960's vintage style chorus-vibrato effect designed with the basic circuitry found in the original Uni-Vibe and Vibe-Bro and runs on 24 volts DC and comes with its own 24 volt  DC wall power adapter.

Features include: NOS Vintage Uni-Vibe style Japanese Miyama Black Chorus-Vibrato switch, original vintage style Uni-Vibe circuitry featuring many NOS components, two variable speed control knobs, face mounted Bypass-Preamp toggle switch and accommodates their optional 1960's vintage style "Double Rubber" speed control pedal (non cancelling).

Despite Shin-Ei ceasing pedal production, you can still snag some minty condition swirly vibe and own a piece of pedal history. We got you!! It barely used, super clean! We'll ship it stupid fast with the original box, goodies, and power supply!