Sire Larry Carltone H7

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I suppose the only real way to live forever is drinking from the waters of the fountain of youth.. or maybe just have a badass signature model guitar set to your exact specifications named after you! 

The Larry Carlton H7 by Sire defies this corporeal existence and carries on that 335 legacy. This classic tone box is constructed with a striking translucent cherry laminate maple body with a fast and comfy mahogany "C" neck (.88"-.96"). Round this out with a rosewood fretboard (12" radius) with block inlays and you've got a guitar in the spirit of the classic hollowbodies we all know and love. 

The electronics are fully stock with original humbuckers that sound absolutely sweet with plenty growl and body (N: 7.98k, B:8.02k). 

This guitar is in very good condition (see photos) and plays like a dream. It has been fully setup and restrung by the pro luthiers here at EMS who have insured that it ships to you with level frets and zero issues! This beautiful guitar comes with a gig bag and will be packed up securely and safely and shipped out the next day.