Skreddy Echo Infinity

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We love Marc. This is the pedal that introduced us to Marc, but with a twist!

Lush, tape-like, saturated delays with adjustable modulation and an infinite-repeats footswitch.

The Echo Infinity takes my classic Echo circuit and incorporates all the most popular mods that my customers have asked for over the years.

  1. The 'mix' mod which keeps the dry signal at unity gain throughout the sweep of the mix knob
  2. The 'trails' mod which allows the delay signal to degrade naturally when you engage the bypass switch (note: this also means that the Echo Infinity features active bypass instead of true bypass, which is a good thing because my dry signal sounds nearly identical to a straight wire but is a better signal that will combat noise and capacitance from low-quality patch cables compared to true bypass)
  3. The 'infinity' mod which is a momentary footswitch that sets the repeats intensity to the the corresponding knob setting for as long as you hold down the switch
  4. Also I found a resistor in my original design that darkens the signal a bit more than needful and reduced that value, giving the delay signal a more articulate tone.
  5. The height of the enclosure has been reduced by 1", and the effects loop and trimpots have been eliminated.

The repeats degrade very gradually into a musical, harmonic soup if you turn them up high enough or hold down the Infinity switch.  Self oscillation is possible (though not in a touchy or unpredictable way) without the bothersome runaway volume some old analog delays have.

Ultra-High Sample-Rate (Delta-Sigma) Digital Delay with Analog Filtering and LimitingTransparent, Analog "Dry" Path with Tons of Headroom

It is super clean and functions perfectly. It's ready to ship out the next day, in the original box. Feel free to call us here the shop with any questions!