Smart Belle Amplification P38 Head

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The P38 is a beautiful, handwired boutique tone monster. Loaded up with 4 6V6 power tubes, four 12AX7 tubes, it has a bevy of features to make this the amp to end all amps in your rig. The included foot switch allows you to kick in FET Boost, Overdrive, and Preamp Boost settings on the fly.

Smart Belle P-38 amps are built in Austin, Texas, by Lee Jackson and Lance Keltner and are meant to capture tones offered by classic Fender models and the elusive 1970s amplifiers handmade by Alexander Dumble. The amp delivers intense Dumble style saturated tones and is point to point hand-wired with the highest quality components. It also includes the original manual.

This amazing head is super clean and lightly used. It will ship out securely and safely and lightning fast.