Source Audio Dimension Reverb

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These pedals sound as wild as they look.

The Soundblox 2 Dimension Reverb offers 12 distinct shades of reverb. Choose from 6 reflectively diverse room sounds, two plate and two spring reverbs, modulation reverb, and echo. The assignable “Option” knob makes it possible to adjust 9 different parameters: wet/dry mix, time (i.e. resonance), bass, treble, pre-delay, diffusion, output level, modulation rate, and modulation depth. It features a compact, durable cast aluminum housing, 2 user presets, and Multi-function in and out jacks compatible with Hot Hand, the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal, or MIDI.
Get the Hot Hand Motion Sensor or the expression pedal for on-the-fly control over any of the 9 adjustable parameters, or plug in a MIDI controller for external access to presets and parameters.
Super rad, lightly used and ships with the original box and power supply!