Source Audio Soleman MIDI Foot Controller

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The Soleman is a versatile, highly configurable hardware and software MIDI controller housed in a compact package. It has two hardware MIDI outputs, which allow it to interface with any MIDI capable hardware . It also has a USB-MIDI interface for direct control of MIDI-compatible software such as DAWs, virtual instruments, synths, or VST plugins.

The four footswitches scroll through scenes, launch individual MIDI messages, step through set lists, or trigger highly customizable MIDI macros. An external switch port allows for two additional footswitches to make navigation more convenient. The expression input allows the user to use a passive expression pedal to generate MIDI continuous controller messages in a very flexible manner, providing direct expressive control over MIDI-compatible devices and software. 

This unit is super powerful, super clean, and ready to ship. It ships the next day with the original box.