Spaceman Effects Sputnik III Germanium Fuzz Limited Edition

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If you made it this far you probably already know about this baby.

The third variation of the famed Sputnik germanium fuzz from our friends at Spaceman Effects.

And in an extremely limited Red colorway with Cyrillic font. This pedal has been babied and is in mint condition.

The Sputnik III is a unique all-germanium fuzz featuring vintage Soviet transistors. Offering an uncommonly wide range of fuzz tones, it truly runs the gamut: smooth, gritty, vintage, modern, thick, thin, buzzy, bassy, splatty, sputtery, noisy, velcro-ripping, controlled or completely off-the-rails. Astonishingly responsive and versatile, the Sputnik III is ready to transport you into a universe of grit, chaos and corruption!

Number 18/25 it will ship lightning fast with the box and original goodies minus the button.