Squier '51 2005

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The '51 is a badass rock machine that's unlike anything else you'll find in the Fender/Squire lineup. Imagine if a fat Strat and a Tele had a baby. Sounds frightening but the results are epic. 

Crafted from Basswood with a C Profile Maple neck (.86"-.89") with a 10" radius maple board, this unique guitar gives you lots of flexibility with not a lot of controls and switches and what-not to get in the way. It's loaded up with stock single coil (2.53k) neck pick for those warm and throaty tones and over in the back we've got an aftermarket EMG Select humbucker (8.32k) with coil split capability (3.65k) when you pull out the Volume push-pull pot. The EMG is a full sounding humbucker that sings and cuts in all the right ways. 

Finally the second knob is the three way selector to select bridge, bridge-neck, and neck pickup selections.

Squire did something truly next-level with the '51. Our badass luthiers here at EMS have managed to make it even better by giving it a fresh fret dress and setup to insure that it ships to you with level frets, spot-on intonation, and zero issues. It is is very good shape with very minor signs of playwear and love. It does not included a case but will ship securely packed and swiftly the next day upon receiving payment.