Subdecay Prometheus Filter

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Look at this old bird!

The Prometheus is a voltage controlled 12dB filter which can be manipulated by playing dynamics or an internally generated signal.

Just about everything you’ve ever wanted in a filter pedal.

* Highpass, Bandpass, and Lowpass filtering with adjustable intensity (resonance).
* Forward and reverse envelope following.
* Sample/Hold step filtering based on 3 different wave forms.

All that and it has some “hidden features” as well.

* The LFO rate can be adjusted to run much faster than the step rate. This can be used to create very interesting arpeggiation.* The Depth knob can push the filter cutoff frequency outside of the audio range. This can be useful to create a slow attack effect.
* The step rate can be turned up high enough for smooth modulation. This can be used to create an autofilter effect, that can sound similar to a phaser or tremolo.
* A fixed filter effect is possible by turning the depth knob down all the way, and using the Frequency knob to set the filter cutoff.

This guy is very lightly used and will ship swiftly with the original box! Quack Party!