Sunn Beta Lead w/ dpFX Custom Footswitch

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Solid state amps don't always get the love they deserve. The Sunn Beta Lead is an underdog of tone. This 100-watt has tons of headroom and is an incredible pedal platform. The beefy, booming lows make it a favorite of stoner rock and doom metal aficionados. But at the end of the day, it's just an all-round great fuckin' rock amp. Then there's that helpful Master volume to dial in the right breakup at the right stage volume...but I mean, why not just turn it all the way up (some men just wanna watch the world burn)?

Dual channels so you can dial in the tones you need and switch between them with the included footswitch produced by those clever geniuses at dpFX (which also has a switch that cycles the Reverb on/off). 

This amp is in amazing condition for it's age and it absolutely rips! The two channels and headroom capabilities give you tons of tonal flexibility. The drive sounds amazing with plenty of low end thump. The footswitch is super clean and works like a charm. 

It ships out lighting fast!