Supro Valco 1600-U 1946

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We're reaching waaaaay back for this one, to right after WWII! From 1946 we have a rippin' lil' amp from Supro. The classic Valco/Supro sound is heard all over so many recordings from the late 60s, it is 12 watts of magic. The 1600-U (sounds like the name of a spy plane), gives off warm, bell-like clean tones up until the 12:00 position on the Volume (oh did I mention it only has a volume control? Yeah that's all you need). Push it past noon and you get the smooth, incredible breakup that we've all spent too much money trying to get out of a pedal. It is the sound.

So many of the original components are still intact on this amp. Filter caps are original as are the transformers and the 10" Rola Field Coil speaker. The speaker appears to have had cone repair at some point but it sounds amazing. 

The top shelf techs here at EMS have gone through it to make sure everything is working great and ready to go. They've dropped in a fresh pair of 6V6 power tubes (JJ) and gave it a general cleaning. Over all it is in excellent condition for an amp that's 75 years old. It works great and is going to give someone many more years of play. 

Grab this play-ready amp for your studio or rig and we'll ship it out swiftly and securely. 

As always, give us a shout here at the shop for further questions about this amp or any of our gear.