Supro 1624TN Dual Tone 1961

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The '61 Supro 1624TN Dual Tone is a model you don't see everyday. These little tone beasts were only made for about 1 year in 1961. This is a player's amp and it is ready to be your grab n' go tone machine. Earlier in its life, the Supro badge was removed because this particular amp was altered in the early 1960's by David Yantis (music school owner from California). 

It has been fitted with a new speaker baffle and speaker, and has been re-tubed with all NOS RCA's. The road case was built specifically for this amp by Nashville Custom Case.

This amp has amazing cleans at lower settings and will utterly rip when cranked up. The tremolo is beautiful.

This drool-worthy Supro and its roadcase will ship safely the next day.