Supro 1699RH Statesman Head

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Supro's 1699RH Statesman is a two-channel, 50W tone machine that unites vintage Supro tone with modern channel switching functionality, tube-driven reverb and a multi-purpose, all-tube effects loop. 

The red channel found in the Statesman cops the 2-knob preamp from the legendary Supro Thunderbolt amplifier for high-headroom rock & roll power (Led Zep for dayz). Over on the blue channel, it's the high-gain preamp featured in the Comet model, two-band EQ, tube-driven reverb, and a switchable effects loop. 

This little beast will crank out 50W and is switchable between Class A (classic Supro growl) and Class AB (more headroom, punch and attack). 

This amp is incredibly clean. It was serving as a backup and has lived in its original box for during its time on this plane of existence. It is 100% ready to hit stage or studio. Add this baby to your arsenal and we'll ship it out swiftly and safely the next day.