Supro 1968RK Keeley Custom 25-Watt 1x12 Combo

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Designed in collaboration with Robert Keeley of Keeley Electronics is built to seamlessly integrate your pedals into the heart of an all-tube Supro amplifier. Sounds fun, don't it?

The preamp and 2-band EQ section are voiced perfectly for running your gain pedals in front of the amp, while still maintaining Supro’s signature midrange heft and phenomenal touch dynamics. And a transparent effects loop provides the ideal point to inject your delay and reverb effects into the amplifier’s all-tube signal path, avoiding unwanted distortion on modulation effects.

This sweet amp is loaded up with the legendary Celestion G12M-65 Creamback speaker for a vintage, woody tone while still offering major power, perfect for modern amps. A master volume circuit allows you to control the sound pressure level coming from the speaker, while pouring on copious amounts of gain from the ECC83S-based tube preamp or your favorite dirt pedals.

This amp is utterly badass and super clean. Basically getting a brand new/open box amp for a good deal. It ships out lightning fast with the original manual.

Come on getchu some!