Supro Fuzz

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As fans of the vintage tones provided us by Supro’s amps, it’s hard not to love the old-school fuzzy goodness of the Supro Fuzz, one of Supro’s first pedals. Combining all of the best elements of the silver box Big Muff, the Tone Bender MkII, and the germanium-laced Fuzz Face, the Supro Fuzz brings you the best of all worlds utilizing NOS UK-crafted germanium transistors on the front end. Intuitive and easy to use, the Fuzz offers up a two-band Treble/Bass EQ, along with controls for Volume and Gain. Not only does the Fuzz give you versatile sound, but it gives you flexible control with an expression pedal jack for your Treble, allowing you to tamp down high frequencies or boost your fuzz to a harmonically-rich scream.