SVL '61 Reserve

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Annnnnd we got another one. And as we have said in the past, "damn these guitars are no joke." And we mean it. Every one we've had the privilege of holding 

If you are unfamiliar, here is Simon's description on what you can expect with this beauty in your hands.

"The SVL Reserves were inspired by some of the very best vintage Fenders I was lucky enough to play and work on, I set out to build a lightweight resonant guitar with the true look, feel and tone of these amazing instruments. The majority of the timber used in these guitar builds is salvaged timber and is naturally air dried not kiln dried. I had pickups custom wound for me with these guitars in mind, and they also are lightly aged to not only sound fabulous but look incredible too, these guitars have the true clarity and chime of the originals, perfect for clean straight into the amp playing when you really want to ‘hear’ the playing and touch sensitive tone. They have a more natural warmth and slight scoop in the midrange, the low end is slightly ‘loose’ sounding giving it more of a hint of vintage vibe."

This one is pretty special, 1 piece alder body with a really cool natural finish that's been hit with a light coat of wax. Outfitted with some KILLER OX4 Strat pickups that perfectly match this guitar with the early '60s feel. (N-5.76 M-5.44 B-5.87) This guitar has mad mojo.

Old growth flamed maple neck that feels very comfortable in your hands. Smooth C shape with a 9.5" radius. 

Nut width - 1.634

Neck thickness at 1st - .820 12th - .940

There are some very small dings that you could find if you were looking very hard for them but overall this guitar is in excellent condition with a straight neck, and zero issues. We just got it off the bench and it has level frets and a fresh setup. 

It will ship lightning fast with the included Hissox hard shell case!