Swart Space Tone Forty-Five Head and Cab

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Like most Swart amps, this half stack is slightly smaller than average. You know what isn't smaller the average? The huge tone this sucker puts out! 6L6 power tubes. You just can't wrong with 'em. Swart took the idea behind his acclaimed AST and gave it the only thing it was really lacking: more cleans! 

And can we talk about the aesthetics of this thing? Beautiful on the outside and the inside. Unlatch the top of the head and you can display the lovely glowing tubes and gorgeous chassis that is hiding underneath. 

The full, punchy 2x12 cab is loaded with Celestion Greebacks. Ca-lassic!

Snag this incredible amp. It is in excellent shape and perfect for stage or studio. We will ship swiftly and safely the next day!