SWR Mr. Tone Controls 9 Band EQ

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A truly unique, and rare piece of gear that was designed in the pre-Fender days of SWR: Mr. Tone Controls! These were all originally hand-built on special order. Originally prototyped for Marcus Miller who wanted to control bass rigs on the different stages as he played all around the world; Steve Rabe knocked out a couple of prototypes until he hit the configuration Miller wanted. 

You get 9 bands of 15db+/- control with sweepable frequencies. The sound you seek is in there!  It can make a huge different in your bass rig but where this guy comes to life is in the studio. Tame those freqs and breathe some new life in to those dull tones that've got ya down. 

 This amazing rack EQ is lightly used and ready for stage or studio. It ships out the next day, packed safely and securely.