T-Rex SoulMate with Case

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5 Boutique Pedals IN 1!

The T-Rex SoulMate combines 5 pedals, a tuner and an integrated switching system in one. The included effects will give you all the bread and butter sounds you need and then some, and it will make you feel right at home when you start exploring the sounds. The SoulMate can be used as if it was 5 pedals super glued together, but there´s more – the integrated switching system will let you activate any combination of the effects by a single press on a footswitch.

With 10 presets available, you are now free to do the “fretboard dance” and stop doing the “pedal dance”. The effects are modified versions of some of their most popular pedals, and they have been carefully designed to work together. The signal path is fuller, sounds bigger, and the dry signal is kept fully analog all the way through.

The overdrive, with its “Møller”-esque tone, is for low gain sounds and the distortion picks up the pace with more gain, that can be set for an aggressive, cutting tone or one that is sweet as honey… yellow honey. The delay will give you everything from a slightly smooth, vintage delay to a modulated echo reminiscent of T-Rex's Reptile units. The reverb serves up four choices of RoomMate ambience, so there is something for everyone in here.

The boost effect gives your sound guy one less thing to worry about by offering an adjustable volume boost. There's no sense in doing the solo of your life, if no one can hear it, am i right??

This unit is super clean and functions perfectly. It includes the power supply and handy-dandy carrying case. It will ship out the next day.