Tapestry Audio Midwife

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The Midwife is a tap to MIDI converter that makes it possible to send out MIDI clock at any BPM. Because it can be used with any tap-switch, The Midwife is a unique guitar utility pedal that opens a door to a whole new world of syncing capabilities. With it's simple design and functionality this pedal is a must have for syncing up MIDI capable effects, keyboards, consoles, and other pro gear.


  • One tap input usable with the Time Traveler, Wife, or any tap-tempo device
  • One MIDI Clock output
  • Hand machined and wired construction
  • Compatible with brand and boutique pedals, plus some keyboards, sound boards, light boards, DAWs, sequencers, and more.
  • Standard DC input

This useful lil unit is very lightly used and will ship out the next day in its original box!