TC Electronic June-60

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Juno Chorus for Your Guitar, Bass, or Keyboard

Tap into the classic Juno chorus sound with your guitar, bass, or synthesizer, with the TC Electronic June-60 analog chorus pedal. It re-creates the chorus from the Juno-60 synthesizer, known for its rich sound and evocative modulation. Button I selects a slower chorus, button II selects a faster, deeper chorus, and both together conjure a swirly dual chorus. Musicians at Sweetwater love the option of stereo operation — just use a Y cable (not included) for the output instead of an instrument cable. Complete with an ultra-rugged case, the TC Electronic June-60 may become your new favorite chorus pedal.

TC Electronic June-60 Chorus Pedal Features:

  • Analog bucket brigade chorus pedal based on Juno-60 synthesizer
  • 2 buttons select 2 different chorus modes, or combine them for dual chorusing
  • Mono/stereo operation
  • True bypass switching
  • Rugged metal case
  • Powered by 9-volt battery or power supply (not included)