TEAC DA-P20 Portable DAT

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The DA-P20 is a portable DAT recorder with balanced XLR inputs and digital coaxial input and output. It has absolutely excellent recorded sound quality Its digital PCM recording and playback capabilities eliminate the noise, distortion, wow and flutter associated with analog system. This plus frequency characteristics and a dynamic range that are virtually incomparable with analog systems give you realistic fidelity.

A glance at the display shows you the elapsed time from the beginning of the tape (Absolute Time Display), the amount of time remaining on the tape (Remaining Time Display), and the amount of time for each selection (Program Time Display). And the built-in microphone amplifier allows direct connection of microphones to the DA-P20 while built-in digital input/output jacks let you make digital recordings from compact discs, digital tape recorders, and other digital sources. The digital input/output jacks can be connected to the digital output jacks of another DAT unit for copying of digital codes.

This powerful unit is lightly used and still functions great. It ships the next day.