Teisco EP-10T Semi Hollowbody 1967 Avocado Burst

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Teisco makes some of the sweetest guitars that time forgot! At least until now! They've made a major comeback and with good reason! The green avocado burst finish on this '67 beauty make it a stunning tone machine of yesteryear (somebody patent that phrase)!

This hollowbody guitar has a comfy, playable D profile neck (.888"-.980") that features a 1 14/32" nut. The construction of this guitar gives is a loud, resonant quality unplugged that carries over into the plugged-in tone. 

All that tone is cranked through the stock single coil pickups that have plenty of bite and jangle. The controls are straight forward. You get two volume controls, one for each pickup and then a master Tone. Up on the lower bout is a very vintage-y, art deco 3-way selector switch that goes from bridge pickup, to middle position (which is both pickups in parallel) and finally neck pickup. 

This is truly unique guitar that you don't see everyday. The original tuners have been replace for this nice set of locking tuners. The pro techs here at EMS have gone through to make sure everything on this guitar is clean, tight, and sounding right. 

It's ready to ship out and be your next addition! It will ship the next day with the included case.

If you have any questions about this guitar, or any of our gear, give us a shout here at the shop!