The King of Gear Oxford Drive

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The Oxford Drive replicates a certain shred-tastic high-gain distortion pedal, but with more gain, more volume, bonus clipping options, true bypass, and top-mount jacks in a small 1590B enclosure. The current pedal version also has the exact same “soft touch” knobs as can be found on a variety of vintage gear from the UK.

There are three clipping modes: silicone, LED, and asymmetrical. The silicone mode is the “stock” setting. The LED mode is inspired by the LED-clipping found on Guv'nor and Drivemaster pedals, both of which have circuitry related to the Shredmaster. LED clipping has a more “open” sound due to a higher clipping threshold, and it’s well-suited to rhythm playing. The asymmetrical mode is an unusual silicone/LED hybrid, which has plenty of dynamic range while still providing the warm, fat sound associated with asymmetrical clipping.

Very lightly used, this pedal will ship lightning fast upon payment!