ThroBak Overdrive Boost

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Based on the vintage Colorsound Overdriver, the Throbak Overdrive Boost is built with silicon circuitry and features a two-band EQ and a switch for toggling into a germanium-based circuit.

This vintage circuit was made popular for it's ability to bring body, dimension and tonal flexibility to a single channel tube amp. This Silicon transistor circuit can give everything from a substantial and extremely transparent clean boost to all out silicon fuzz and every tonal variation in between. The flexible and interactive bass and treble controls can add treble bite and chime to a overly bassy amp or add a meaty low end to an amp that sounds too thin. This pedal is almost like it's own little amp in a box that will bring amazing clean and distorted tones to any tube amplifier.

This pedal is super clean and lightly used. It ships the next day with the original box.