TipTop Audio RS909

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The Tiptop Audio RS909 Analog Rimshot Drum Module delivers that classic and renowned analog rimshot sound from the Roland TR-909 in a modular format. The simplistic modular design allows you to combine your choice of modules into a personalised self-contained sound engine. The RS909 uses the original sound generation circuit from the classic '80s drum machine, adapted for use in Eurorack format. It is tuned to sound like it is straight from the factory in the '80s, and features independent Accent controls alongside a dual-input pulse-shaper. Additions to the RS909's circuitry include two frequency control knobs for the internal oscillators, OSC1 and OSC2. This collection of unique features allows you to perfectly integrate the RS909 into your existing modular rig, or start a new setup with ease. The compact size and simplistic design gives you the power to unleash real classic analog drum sounds in combination with other modules

Size: 4HP – Depth: 36mm – Power: +12V 12ma / -12V 10ma


This little guy is lightly used and will ship lightning fast next day!