Tone King Ironman II 100 watt Precision Compensated Reactive Power Attenuator

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All great tube amps sound best when they’re being pushed. But that often means angry looks from bandmembers and sound engineers. Those days are over. The Ironman II allows you to take your ground-shaking rig to whisper levels. Unlike other tube amp attenuators, the Ironman II’s reactive load technology and transformer-coupled power division circuitry does it while retaining all of the detail, warmth, and response of your pure tone. Today is the day to experience the Ironman II for yourself.

A vital part of an amp’s tone is the way it interacts with the speaker. These impedance fluctuations are essential to the tones we love. They’re also why many attenuators on the market fail to deliver the same sound at lower levels. The proprietary reactive load and transformer-coupled technology in the Ironman II, however, treats the amplifier the same as a speaker. Now you can have all of the frequencies and nuance of your tone shine through at any volume.

The Ironman II reactive power attenuator gives Tone King amplifiers increased flexibility for any gig, session, or rehearsal. Just crank your amp to the sweet spot then rein in the volume for thick, rich tone at usable levels. And thanks to its reactive load technology and HF Compensation, you’ll always maintain your cranked amp tone and feel.

This unit is very lightly used, and we'll ship it to you super fast and super safe along with its footswitch and power supply! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!