Top Hat Super Deluxe Mk2 1x12

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This is the Super Deluxe Mk2 in fantastic shape. The Super Deluxe puts out 33 watts of cathode biased Class A Power. Perfect for clubs and medium size venues. The Super Deluxe features a preamp based on the TopBoost, Tweed Bassman and plexi Marshall arrangement -- mixed with an AC30 type phase inverter and no-negative feedback, cathode biased output section. It lays right in the midst of 3 of the greatest amps of all time. This amp has been outfitted with EL34's in the power section (6L6 or 6V6 can be used without biasing) and a Celestion G12H speaker.  Top Hat builds of the most solid and classic sounding amps around. 

Fat-Off-Bright Switch
Treble, Mid & Bass
Master Volume

Includes road case, this amp is freakin' siiiiiicccckkkkk.


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